• Немецкий для детей

    10–14 year old children use the modern course "geni@l" by "Langenscheidt" publishing. The course was developed for teenagers and is appropriate to their age.

    Amusing stories and narrative dialogues immerse into modern spoken language and introduce to the German culture.

    Classes are taught twice a week 2 academic hours each time.

  • Немецкий для взрослых

    The Educational Company The English Club offers adults courses of German from Starter to Advanced.

    Classes in a group are 3 academic hours long with a 15 minute break.

    Adults do a reputable course "Tangram aktuell" by the famous German publishing Max Hueber Verlag.

    The course "Tangram aktuell" helps to improve pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. A variety of exercises, interesting texts make learning amusing; vocabulary, grammar reference and pronunciation guide help with effective learning.

     The complete course is 3 years long and consists of 3 levels: A1 (beginner), А2 (intermediate) и В1 (advanced). Тhe third, the most complicated one was developed for preparation for the international test Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD), CEFR level B1.

    After completion of the course students take an intermediate test and receive a certificate proving the achieved level of language.