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    Why Us?

    Our mission

    We are striving to become a unique company providing our customers with an opportunity to comprehend world values while learning foreign languages as well as offering various leisure activities.

    Our company values

    Our values are our customers and professionalism of our employees. Our customers are those who called us or used our services at some point in time. All our customers regardless of age, status or type of service they received from us are valuable to us.

    Our principles of operation are as follows:

    • Respecting customer’s needs
    • Providing high quality service and its constant improvement
    • Ethic education, spiritual enrichment and broadening of our customers’ outlook are Indispensible from learning foreign languages
    • Every employee bears responsibility for the end result of our company’s work.

    Highly professional teachers

    In order to ensure quality teaching of English our company has developed a system of hiring teachers based on personal qualities of applicants, their ability to inspire and motivate students as well as their teaching qualifications. Professionalism of our teachers is constantly maintained and increased by means of specialized trainings and participation in the international association of language schools ATEEL sessions as well as taking international language and professional tests.

    Every year we employ teachers of English from Great Britain, the US and other English speaking countries who get more and more involved in teaching at our school.

    Guaranteed result

    We evaluate our success based on how satisfied our students are with their classes and their progress. In this way we guarantee both. Attend all the classes and do your homework and you will be able to advance to the next language level every 16 weeks.


    • 2012.10.19
      Хэллоуин для студентов взрослых групп ENG
      С удовольствием приглашаем вас на первую вечеринку, посвященную американо-британскому празднику «Хэллоуин».
    • 2012.10.17
      Празднование Хэллоуина с Английским Клубом
      Приглашаем детей и подростков отметить Хэллоуин вместе с "Английским Клубом" в лучших традициях англоговорящих стран!
    • 2012.10.03
      Продолжается набор на осеннюю смену в языковой лагерь 4U Camp!
      Запишись в лагерь до 10 октября и получи скидку!